Introduction to Survival


March 5, 2022


This is our basic class and the perfect stepping stone to more advanced classes.

Class will be $150 for two days. One child free with purchase of adult ticket.

This class is a perfect introduction to survival and will give you the knowledge and experience to survive a 72 hour emergency situation.

Regardless of the reason you are in the woods, it’s important to know what gear to carry and how to use that gear if you ever find yourself lost or unable to get back to civilization.

Using minimal gear, we will learn to create shelter, fire and find safe drinking water. The gear and the skills we cover will help you connect to your environment and enjoy the outdoors while feeling confident and comfortable.

Introduction to wilderness survival gear list

-Twin size blanket (wool if possible)

-4×4’ or 5×5’ piece of thin cloth (cotton or thin wool).

-Military poncho

-25’ of paracord

-25’ of bankline

-Fixed blade knife

-Emergency fire kit (2 bic, ferro rod, firestarters)

-Single walled stainless steel bottle (nesting cup optional)

-Optional items:

-Water filter

-Sleeping bag liner

-Emergency blanket

-10’ of webbing or muletape

(Students should bring what they can. Don’t miss a class because you can’t get a few items. I always have several backups of each item and we can make it work)

There will also be an all inclusive kit for students that don’t have gear or that are interested in using exactly what we use. These kits will be $125 for students. You can see the gear included in this video Primitive kit

If you plan on spending any amount of time in the woods, this class will be perfect for you!

We will supply water but students are responsible for their own food