PWS “Primal” blade

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The “Primal” blade comes with a buckskin lanyard and hand stitched buckskin sheath made from brain-tanned buckskin. It also comes with leather lacing in a neck knife configuration. The lacing can then be used to wrap the handle, haft it like a spear or use that same method to give it a solid handle. It is made from a farriers rasp and is very similar to 1095 steel. The blade length is 2.5″ and overall length is 5.5″

The “Primal” blade is modeled after a simple stone knife that has not yet been given a handle. At this stage in its life, the stone tool is very versatile and has many different options for use. The “Primal” blade can be used as is, it can be wrapped in paracord or any number of natural materials, it can be lashed to a stick and used as a spear or as a means of reaching high to get fruit, or you could quickly and easily make your own handle for it using the pre-drilled holes. The uses for the “Primal” blade are limited only by it’s owner’s imagination. Whatever you choose to do with it, rest assured it will do it will

1 review for PWS “Primal” blade

  1. Jonathan Linville (verified owner)

    Exemplary little blade. Crafted tough, yet still light. Probably one of the best little companion blades I’ve ever tried. Perfect size. I can certainly recommend it to anyone needs a dependable, pragmatic blade.

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