Kids Programs

“Life is not a brief candle, it is a splendid torch that I want to make burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations”. – George Bernard Shaw



Using nature as our classroom, we hope to help increase your child’s creativity, imagination, and all around cognitive abilities to further improve their academic performance.

Nature is not only important for learning but also to develop well rounded individuals who have fewer behavioral issues and improved energy and focus.

Getting outdoors will also help your kids physically and leave lasting lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime. Nature based learning is hands down the greatest investment you can make in your children.

Weekly homeschool programs

Ages 5-12

This program runs from October 12 to May 31. This will be a great introduction into the outdoors while keeping the children safe and engaged. Your kids will benefit from everything this program has to offer both socially and in their schoolwork. We look forward to seeing your littles blossom and grow in the outdoors.

This class is $1,250 for the year or $150 a month

The kids will be constantly engaged in a mixture of outdoor skills, games, crafts and unstructured wildernesses play that will help them grow exponentially. They will learn about nature as well as about themselves with never ending lessons that just can’t be replicated indoors.

They will learn to interact amongst themselves and in nature in ways that will help them build their confidence and knowledge in big ways. They will become comfortable in the outdoors and will take home invaluable skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

What will your kids be doing?

An average day in our program will begin with a greeting custom so that the kids can share stories of their week, what they hope to learn, etc.

We will then have roughly an hour or so of unstructured wilderness exploration. We will supervise the children while they are free to explore a specific area that we walk to that day, we will change it up so the children can begin to learn the nuances of nature in different areas (washouts, wooded areas, etc.)

After the kids have settled in and are feeling connected to nature, we will take them on a wilderness walk, scavenger hunt, or something similar so that they can learn about specific plants and wildlife in the area. During this time they might use field guides, journals, crayons, etc. to take notes and discover new ways to remember the intricacies of the environment.

We will then eat lunch and talk about what we have learned so far.

After lunch the kids might play a game of some sort. All of our games will be dual purpose, to not only give the kids exercise but also help them learn to use all of their senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, etc.) out in nature. They will have fun and benefit in multiple ways on a deeper level.

We will finish out the day with arts or crafts involving nature. This could be natural bird feeders that will then be used to observe birds, or making creature from sticks and leaves, etc.

We have SO many arts, crafts and games involving nature that we’ll probably never get through them all. We will have a blast trying though!

This is just a rough layout of an average day, these things could be done in any order

Weekly after school programs

This program will be the exact same idea as the homeschool program only condensed into a shorter time frame. We will be doing the after school program on WEDNESDAY

This program will be one day a week and run from October 12- May 31. We will begin at 4 and finish at 5:30 every day.

The price of the after school program will be $500 for the entire year or $60 a month with the payment plan.


The drop off location for all programs will be at the Northwest OHV park in Bridgeport, Tx

2914 SH-101 S
Bridgeport, TX 76426
United States

Northwest OHV park

If you follow the directions to the OHV park, you will see a sign on the left for the kids program right before the big hill that takes you to the parking lot. You can’t miss it.

Take a left at the sign on the small dirt road and you will find us there waiting on the kids to be dropped off.