Introduction to Survival


February 22-23

May 30-31

August 15-16

December 12-13


This is our basic class and the perfect stepping stone to more advanced classes.

Class will be $150 for two days. One child free with purchase of adult ticket.

This class is a perfect introduction to survival and will give you the knowledge and experience to survive a 72 hour emergency situation.

Regardless of the reason you are in the woods, it’s important to know what gear to carry and how to use that gear if you ever find yourself lost or unable to get back to civilization.

This class will show you how to navigate so that you can find your way back to where you need to be and also teach you how to signal in case you are not capable of getting back in a timely manner. On top of learning how to remove yourself from the situation you will also learn how to be as comfortable as possible while you are stuck in the woods. We will teach you how to shelter yourself from the elements, how to make fire and how to make your water safe to drink.

If you plan on spending any amount of time in the woods, this class will be perfect for you!

We will supply water but students are responsible for their own food

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